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The work in this series began by importing photographs I had taken into Adobe Photoshop. The image was then manipulated with patterns and other images. The final piece was printed onto thin Japanese paper and adhered to a professionally laser cut wood substrate. Each piece is one-of-a-kind.

4th of July
Ink Jet on wood, glitter
32" x 43"
Double Portrait
Ink Jet on wood, chandelier beads
36" x 40"
Thank You
Ink Jet on wood
28" x 30"
Joy on the Beach
Ink Jet on wood
41" x 44"
Big City Bread
Ink Jet on wood
40" x 35"
Pink Head
Ink Jet on wood, crochet flowers
64" x 43"
Simple Pleasures- Walker
Ink Jet on Shaped Wood
Ink Jet on wood
36" x 38"
On the Beach
Ink Jet on wood
32" x 52"
In the Garden
Ink Jet on wood
36" x 40"